Lightroom 4 Macbook Pro 13

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BlueJakester Senior Member • Posts: 2,126
Re: Lightroom 4 Macbook Pro 13

Basalite wrote:

promyth3us wrote:

Processor 2.4 GHz Intel Core i5

Memory 4 GB 1333 MHz DDR3

Someone mentioned this processor could run hot? IDK I have used multiple cooling fan systems - nothing cuts it. I just do not understand why Lightroom bogs it down so much so.

I would upgrade the RAM. Your MacBook should run Lightroom just fine.

I agree, 8G ram minimum. You're probably swapping memory pages to disk now which is a huge performance killer. If you need more performance after that an SSD would help.

I've had a few MacBook Pros (temporarily from employers) and own a MacBook 13" (non-Pro). The Pro's got hot on the bottom when under load. The MacBook can get warm too, but it's not as bad with its slow Core-2-Duo CPU (which will run Lightroom, albeit slowly).

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