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Re: A Paul Dibble Scultpure

LouHolland wrote:

Thane, as far as I well remeber I saw this image before. I don't know if it was a thread of your own or in a thread of an other and I also don't recall which reactions/comments you got on this one, but you clearly miss something in those comments, why else would you put it down here, so maybe you can give an explanation for this action. It's always good to know a bit more!!

Oh didn't realise I had, thought this was one of a few I was holding back on (rusty memory too)

However a prime lens could get you of the hook as it seperates your object from it surrounding and maybe you've to chose an angle away from the shopping centre. I don't know the colour version but in this B&W version your item is struggling to show well also.

Fixxxer has given me a challenge to actually go back with both E500 and E620 and get this better from a stand out point of view and better less cluttered background so it's been a win/win for me resubmitting it.  I'd do it tonight but it's raining so will leave it until the weather is right and tyhe street is empty of cars, and lights have been dimmed a little.


Thanks for looking and steering me straight and into another shoot.



Fixxxer wrote:

I think you captured the sculpture very well but what I don't get is the depth of focus you've got from an 4.5 aperture, which I'm guessing is more or less wide open on your UZ. Sure, the long shutter time tends to extend the depth but I can see right down the street as if I had my glasses on...

Anyhow, that's no critique, just an observation that surprises me a bit. What I like is the b/w, the star-looking shine in the lamps and how you've pictured the sculpture. As you said, the background is a bit busy and the flags waving behind the tuatara has become a bit blury from the long shutter speed, which quite immediate caught my eye. Other than that I think it looks pretty good!How does it look from the other way around? And what does that big sign above the lady say? (sorry, it's just that thing with signs and text in photos, you want to read them )

OlyChamp wrote:

Paul Dibble is a world renowned sculpturist who until recently lived in our city. He has a number of large sized sculptures dotted around the city. This image Lady and Tuatara is outside our Regent Theatre. The B&W treatment works better than the colour. Busy agree but hard to shoot without some background.


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E500, 14-45mm, 40-150mm, 70-300mm, E620, 14-42mm, 40-150mm.

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E500, 14-45mm, 40-150mm, 70-300mm, E620, 14-42mm, 40-150mm.

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