Ricoh GR or Nikon Coolpix A (if money is no object) ?

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Ray Sachs
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Re: Ricoh GR or Nikon Coolpix A (if money is no object) ?

Tom Caldwell wrote:

Ray Sachs wrote:

Tom Caldwell wrote:

The Nikon A is for the less involved user for whom a camera that will require less personalised set up and will be immediately familiar out of the box.

I disagree with the first half of this sentience, but I basically agree with everything else Tom wrote here. The Nikon is easier to get up to speed with right out of the box (unless you're an experienced Ricoh user who's set up a Ricoh or two before, in which case, not much difference there either), but it's not for "the less involved user".

Ray, no disrespect for the "less involved user" mention. It is just that the GR has much more customisation possibilities (presumably) than the Nikon A and therefore some users might find getting to know the GR camera (requires) more involving. Sort of back to front logic here. But you know both cameras and I respect your knowledge of them. The GR has three dial accessed custom my modes and six more custom box modes that can be used. If the GR user choses to get involved in setting them up then they can get involved.

No offense taken Tom. I'd just say "differently involved". I've shot with lots of stuff and many cameras allow very high levels of user involvement. They don't do it the same way Ricoh does, and Ricoh for sure allows as much customization as any and more than many (although some allow just as much, but in different ways - Olympus, for example, will wear you out with the possibilities if you want to take it that far). But above the level of point and shoot, most modern cameras allow for as much involvement as the user wishes. Some also have more auto type modes that also allow LESS involvement, but we don't have to use those unless we hand the camera off to a less involved friend or relative to take a few shots.

And, OTOH, some of the simplest cameras are for some of the most involved users. I'd say a Leica M9 is one of the simplest on the market, but requires a high level of user involvement to get the most from it. I've been shooting with the DP1M for a couple of weeks now and its also a very simple camera in terms of interface complexity, but a very involved shooting experience.


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