Nik Software Alternative?

Started Jul 2, 2013 | Discussions thread
johnsong Senior Member • Posts: 1,175
Where are you getting your information from?

MallardDuck wrote:

Anyone out there have a recommendation for a Nik Software replacement? Now that Google bought them, the update mechanism changed to something that's really terrible.

It runs, behind the scenes, several times per hour and downloads and installs updates without notification or user approval. This means that if you're on mobile broadband, it can suck down your data plan pretty darn fast. Worse, it may update something in the middle of processing a shoot and cause your results to change (especially if an update has bugs).

There is a terminal hack to work around this:

but it's the attitude that really is a problem. I mean come on, even Adobe only checks for them and then let's you choose when to download and install updates.

Where are you getting your information from?

"runs, behind scenes, downloads several time /hr ..." say what?????

What your trying to tell me is a bunch of rubbish

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