Remember when cameras just took pictures?

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Remember when cameras just took pictures?

Remember when a camera was just a camera?

Do you think it will ever be possible again to buy a point and shoot camera that doesn't have:

- WiFi (or bluetooth or any other radio)

- Touchscreen

- Video and audio capabilities

- Facial Recognition

- An overwhelming array of in-camera post-processing filters


- Any other stuff that is not required for capturing an image

It bothers me that you need to spend over $300 to get a camera with Auto-Exposure Bracketing but you can get all sorts of other gizmos that aren't related to capturing an image on sub $300 cameras.

I'd love to see someone make a basic point and shoot for $150 that only has features related to capturing images.   It wouldn't even need an amazing sensor since most sensors these days are more than adequate for most purposes.  It would be a camera that would give the photographer control over how the image is captured (full manual mode, bulb mode, RAW images, etc.) but nothing else.  Unlike GPS, etc. these "features" are basically free to provide and so it should be possible.

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