5d Mark 2 or 3?

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The wrong question...

promyth3us wrote:

Thank you for your posts - its obvious that the 5Dm2 is a wonderful machine. Now to see how best to invest in one, new or used.

The above should read "the 5D Mark II is a wonderful machine, if you can live with only a centre auto focus point."

Looking at this Canon site, there are no new 5D Mark II cameras...


If money is an issue, get a 6D as this is a better camera than the 5D Mark II and is far less expensive than the 5D Mark III. If you can afford it, the 5D Mark III has some great features (auto focus system, dual card slots, better video, etc.) but costs a lot more than the 6D for the same image quality. Either way if you're "investing" a new 6D will have a warranty, a used 5D Mark II will not.

No digital camera body is an investment, as they all depreciate as better technology develops. Purchasing some Canon L lenses is arguably investing, as both my 70-200mm F4L and 24-70mm F2.8L both cost more to buy today, than when I purchased them in the past.

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