Canon 70D: NOT the camera of the year

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Re: LOL OVF people

Mikhail Tal wrote:

Me: Future EVFs will be superior to OVFs

OVF people: Wrong, because present EVFs are not superior to OVFs in my opinion.

Me: Flawless logic...

So basically you've come here to troll with a mirrorless agenda?

If were going that route I'm guessing you own a non Canon mirrorless system right? well this new AF system is likely going to be Canon only via patent so perhaps its you that should be a bit worried about your investment in a system that may now be technologically outdated in a still maturing(and loss making) market. If I was banking on one lens mount still being around in 5 years time it would be the Canon EF followed closely by the Nikon F and the Leica M over any current mirrorless one.

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