Ricoh GR or Nikon Coolpix A (if money is no object) ?

Started Jul 2, 2013 | Questions thread
photo perzon
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I'm liking the Fuji X100 better

The X100 is ranked now by Fuji purists as better IQ than the X-E1, X-Pro1 and the X100S. Better colors, easier RAWs, and no blurry areas.

I find the A to be too wide. Too much distortion easily creeps in into one's life. Sometimes arms are gross.

The OVF/EVF of the X100 is a lot of fun and needed in the sun.

They are $ 799 on eBay new. I got a black X100 new for 899.

The X100 has that "detail without texture" someone mentioned, skin is smooth. Pink skin tones make all healthy looking.

My wife looks 10 years younger with the X100, and 10 years older with the A. The A is too biting sharp and contrasty.

They fixed the SAB sticky blades on the X100. New firmware is peppy. It is a romantic camera with excellent IQ, skin tones.

It is heavy at 15 ounces vs 111 for the A and 9 for the GR.

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