Sunny 16 rule ... not optimal at 16?

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Re: Sunny 16 rule ... not optimal at 16?

Mel Snyder wrote:

Give up, SQLGuy.

There are none so blind as those who will not see. For 45 bucks you can buy a used Gossen Luna-Pro or one of those new Chinese digital ones for under $30.

But then, they couldn't come on the forum with incorrectly exposed images and telling us how crappy this lens or that is.

Thanks everyone for you input. I'll be going down this route. On a sunny day I expect to have some clipping at both ends of the spectrum and I'm fine with that. I would like for an hour or so that I will be shooting some photos to have a consistent look to people's faces and reflect the fact that they are standing next to a white wall while in the next they are standing in a grass field.

My eyes see that their face is way brighter next to the white wall and looks more "normal" when they are standing in the grass. The series of photos should have a consistency with what I was seeing through my eyes. Yes, I know my eyes adjust. But I'm aware of the fact that they do. If someone is looking through those photos on a monitor, I want their eyes to adjust too - even though it's a fraction of what it would be in real life.

So far, pointing the camera at healthy green grass and adjusting the EV to 0 by changing exposure, aperture and ISO (if necessary) has yielded the best results. Blue sky tricks the NEX 7 to under exposing subsequent pictures.

I do have a smart phone (Samsung Galaxy Note 2) and there are apps out there that take the incident light meter readings and give you an exposure meter. The different manufacturers that make the different phones have some variance. So I'll be comparing the green grass measure vs the app in the next couple of days.

Are there any links to where one can get a cheap Chinese or second hand Gossen Luna-Pro?

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