Which is the better lens the sony 50-300 or the Tamron sp 75-300

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Re: Which is the better lens the sony 50-300 or the Tamron sp 75-300

craig66 wrote:

Without seeing formal tests from the same source of both lenses, it's hard to say which is optically better. Consensus seem to be that they are roughly equal optically. Which leaves other criteria any of which may or may not be important to a particular person

Sony 55-300 Advantages:

1. Much lighter than the Tamron

2. In camera corrections

3. A little more flexible - 55mm vs 70mm at the wide end

4. A little cheaper

Tamron SP 70-300 Advantages:

1. Front element does not rotate

2. Full frame lens

3. AF is claimed to be faster, but in the absence of formal tests it's a bit hard to say for certain.

4. AF possibly quieter.

I have a 55-300 for which I paid $250 AUD new and consider it very good for the price. The lower price and lower weight were that main factors that swayed me to the Sony over the Tamron.

This is exactly why I chose the Sony as well. The Tamron indeed look far more serious in term of build and weight. Its weight turn me off. But if I am ok with the weight, I will chose a used Sony 70-300 G any time which is Sony own lense, come with focus hold, focus limiter and of cause, it is a G


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