Yongnuo YN-622N together with Nikon SB-800 buggy?

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Re: Yongnuo YN-622N together with Nikon SB-800 buggy?

Another early user here (probably I got four off first ten of these triggers!). Following are the issues I have observed during my quick test with these triggers

1. No consistent exposure with sb800, sb600.

2. Using single SB900 requires me to set all groups (sometimes it seem to be working fine without this)

3. Exposure doesn't match with pop-up flash exposure : pop-up is set to '-' ,It more or less towards TTL mode; but I will have to slightly adjust to match.

I dont have recent flashes - sb910/sb700. EXIF shows the transmitter as SB910 I haven't spent a lot of time testing these, I felt changing exposure is a pain fiddling with those small buttons. (should buy odins or su800)

Sent couple of images to YN service, they asked me to send these triggers back to them, shipping back to them is about 50% of the item cost

Ihave not tried to understand their manual completely; I use a d800+Nik 24-70. Tried with 85/1.4G prime too.


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