Olympus Tough TG-2 iHS reviewed

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Re: Olympus Tough TG-2 iHS reviewed

Good review, I didn't read every line but it is a fair assessment IMO. My impressions: The button layout is tight, but its a small camera, I have man-hands, and overall functionality is very good. Thumbwheel detents are quite strong, I need dry hands to move the wheel, or a strong thumb nail. I think they could make the grooves a bit deeper for easier rotation. LCD screen is beautiful most of the time, but have to agree occasionally the reflections are hard to see through. I don't think any fixed LCD screen really is much better than this one. The body construction is impressively rugged, I have submersed the camera in both salt and fresh water, without fogging, without leakage.

The seals look pretty good and simple. I rinse the camera in tap water and dry the battery/card/charger door area before opening, just blow the area off and mop loose water with a paper towel. I'm really careful that no sand, hairs or debris is trapped in the seal area when the doors are shut, that would not only allow water to leak in but might damage the seal's effectiveness in the future. The seals appear to be easily removable/replaceable.

The picture resolution and video is a step down from my Panny FZ 150  (Canon A650, ie high quality p+s), sometimes soft to the point of being cartoon-like. But surprisingly, for scenes where tiny details are not important, the picture quality is just fine. Considering there is a chunk of glass (?) in the optical path keeping water out down to 50 feet, I'll accept the IQ. Exposure accuracy is good enough, and its easy enough to dial in exposure compensation if necessary. The super macro zoom function is outstanding, while the flash might be on the wimpy side, the built in LCD illuminator for close ups is genius. The special effects modes, well, I can say this much, they let you see things differently... I am loving the quick start up, focus speed and reasonable shutter response. In short this is a very fun, go anywhere camera, a perfect summer companion.

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