Longer reach non MFT ..for reasonably close birds and wildlife

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Longer reach non MFT ..for reasonably close birds and wildlife

I live on two acres so get lots of birds, squirrels, groundhog, etc. Deer are pretty frequent visitors as well.

My longest lens at present is the Oly 40-150, so I'd like something longer.

I have a large (8' x 5') window that i typically shoot through.  Not the ideal but works reasonably well.

And a tripod is quite easy - in fact it typically remains there with or without my G5 on it. Typical shooting distance is 10 ft - 40 ft.  The view is to the north so i dont typically have glare issues; low light is perhaps more of a concern.

So, "tripod needed" lenses are certainly under consideration, including legacy / non MFT lenses.

But, my history is Lumix FZ10, FZ18, FZ35, FZ47 and now G5, so i have *no* knowledge of most lenses.

So looking for recommendations for longer than my current 40-150, and cheaper than the MFT options (Oly 75-300 would probably be my first choice, essentially replacing the 40-150).  This of course has the size/weight advantage of MFT and would work well off the tripod. But it is ~ $500..

Thanks for reading

Brad in Michigan

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