Still Trying to Convince Myself on RAW

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Re: Not a final thought as the battle is still being waged :=)....(more)

For the most part I feel Phone and most P&S shooters are interested in showing people or place and not so much in actual photo quality.  If this is the case RAW is simply a waste of time.  In most cases they don't even do simple processing such as correcting terrible exposure.

Many DSLR photographers are also in, or close to, this same category.  They are a little more particular with results though and expect the high price/quality camera to produce this and are very often disappointed as these cameras often give less margin for error do to more limited DOF and in more neutral camera settings that don't give the "pop" of over sharpened/over saturated P&S images.

As you move up the "perfection" scale your enter into the discussion we have seen in this series of posts.  A careful DSLR shooter CAN and often does get very good results with out of camera JPEGs, especially if they have "tweaked" their in camera settings to their preference.  Even these sometimes miss on exposure/WB/sharpening, etc. and this is where RAW saves the day.  Then, at the far end of the scale, is the real perfectionist, who wants that last bit of perfection from every shot.  RAW gives the ability to tweak the shot to perfection.

I shoot RAW+JPEG and tweak the shots I really want in LR then save as a JPEG for sharing and general use.  I consistently find the JPEG created from the tweaked RAW is a better shot, but often the difference is only, and sometimes, barely, noticeable except in direct comparison.  Also the improvement is very often lost when I then downsize to share or even when I download to the DPR Gallery.

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