is something wrong with my camera?

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Re: is something wrong with my camera?

bzx wrote:

Hey all,

The below photo is done with NEX-5 at ISO 800, RAW, overexposed in Lightroom on purpose - I am okay with enormous noise at this light conditions but I don't understand why there are noticeable lines (of noise) across the whole frame.. they are still visible when I reduce the exposure to the point where I want the image to be.

I don't remember such situation with other shots at similar iso (or even higher)..

Is there something wrong with the camera?

Thanks for any possible clarifications.

Well, it's a raster image, so my guess is that's why. They're raster lines that don't ordinarily show up in most photos. When a digital image is formed, whether on your computer screen or on your sensor, there is a scan that occurs and, of course, like TV screen, it's formed a pixel at a time across and then down to the next row and across again, etc. It just happens very, very quickly. On occasion, I've had a few shots in which I had a digital artifact that consisted of what appeared to be a short horizontal line segment made up of individual pixels. This only became visible when I zoomed in on the image in post production editing, though. At 800 ISO, you'll tend to get a bit of noise and, of course, how you process the image can accentuate this noise.

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