Still Trying to Convince Myself on RAW

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Not a final thought as the battle is still being waged :=)....(more)

Think about the millions of current P&S and smartphone users and speculate on what percentage are aware of RAW or have thoughts of RAW processing. Maybe if their current toys have RAW option, they might consider it but at what probability? Just look at FB and other similar social sites and what is the commonly used photo format - is it jpg? How many will upgrade later to higher resolution? Maybe some but for now, not the majority yet as IMO the higher flexibility format to them (younger generation) is not yet relevant.

Similar platform preference (for easier and more universal format albeit less flexible) is happening in the video and music scene among the younger generation (observation mainly based on my kids and friends' kids).

As I viewed briefly the discussions of the new Canon 70D, some were a bit afraid that the improvements are mostly video related and on stills, only improvements on the JPG engine and not in RAW. Although these are mere initial speculations prior to widespread testing, an irritating thought nonetheless. Too many frustrating words and insults were already hurled against the lousy state of the SONY jpg engine. If there are still that continuous complaints against the SONY jpg engine, then many still needs to be converted to RAW (including yours truly :-)).

I am a 99% JPG shooter and I don't complain or impose things to other but from time to time, I do share some fun shots (to some extent, maybe some visions, ha!ha!ha!). I'll just watch on the side how this battle will end and meanwhile I will just continue to improve my fun shots.

To me, I generally try to follow this Latin maxim of  "De gustibus non est disputandum" meaning "In matters of taste, there can be no disputes" Live and let live

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