Please evaluate photos and be critical!

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Re: Please evaluate photos and be critical!

#2 photo of the dog is very good !!   The reflections (catch-lights) in the dogs eyes adds life to the photo!!  Very nice indeed.   The lighting and posing of the dog is also good. The way you placed the dog off-center is good technique. The way you rendered the background out of focus saved this shot. Did you do that intentionally?

What is bad?   While you are looking at the photo I want you to cover the bright background on the very left edge with your hand. I'm only talking about a sliver of the photo. What did that do for you?  It made the dog 'pop' right off the photo. It looked way better did it not?  That is called cropping.  That very bright section of background draws your eyes away from your subject. Alternatively you could have darkened or cloned that out of the photo with an image editor like Adobe Elements or Lightroom....

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