major reasons for making panny better in video than oly

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Chris Noble wrote:

Guy Parsons wrote:

micronean wrote:

exactly. Panasonic also makes video cameras (and has done so for a long time). Olympus doesn't.

...I'm pretty sure if the topic was endoscopes, olympus would have a significant advantage over panasonic though...

Though with endoscopes and the like the quality of the video image is really important.

Regards..... Guy

Where did you get that information? I've had a couple of those procedures, and the video quality is very poor. All the physician is looking for is an indication that there is something suspicious; they then snip a piece for analysis. They don't do any diagnosis based on the image itself, at least in my experience as a patient.

Well, my Olympus endoscope examination came with excellent quality images down my gut as they were examining for evidence of coeliac condition (see and snip). They did other diagnosis on the way and found that I had a small hiatus hernia - which explains why I feel ill when I get under the car to change oil.

Definitely better than 640x480 images, probably more like 4 times that resolution. I guess it depends on what era endoscope is being used. I went to a nearby hospital that charges like crazy and always seems to have the latest and greatest gear.

Plus earlier I did have a hernia op. and that was done through tiny holes in my belly with the surgeon operating via a TV screen, the printed images from that were also seemingly high resolution.

A pdf here talks about resolution of equipment and 1080i seems common, that dates from 2009 and I guess they have gone further by now.

Regards...... Guy

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