major reasons for making panny better in video than oly

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Guy Parsons
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I've been a naughty boy......

agentul wrote:

Pikme wrote:

Guy Parsons wrote:

Somebody said that the Olympus high definition video is a joke anyway and muddy results happen, so the better choice is the lesser 1280 wide to get less mud.

Guy, you are usually helpful, I'm very surprised that you would offer that statement.

"Somebody said" is like the internet, has to be true.

yes, we require full identification details for that "somebody".

Oh yes, I should have Googled to death on this forum to find the couple of bodies who did say that muddy results are gained when using 1920 video, better to use 1280 video.

I'll smack myself on the behind and go to the naughty corner for not quoting the evidence....

Test it yourself to see if true, seems to work for me.

As for me being "usually helpful", yes, that was why I said it, my elephant like memory retrieved the thoughts and I wrote them down. It was meant as a gentle warning that it may be wise to choose a lower resolution to get the video to look better. As usual, check for yourself to see if true.

Regards...... Guy

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