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Re: i1 Display Pro Xrite software...

SteveTuk wrote:

Update, after an estimated 20 emails swapped with the xrite support staff, they have done nothing more than direct me to PDF's of instructions that I already took the time to view before contacting them.

Has anyone had any professional technical advice from xrite?

Nah, this is a Mac. If is not hardware related, but reproducible and known to have worked before, one can generally, with a bit of time, identify the source of almost all problems.

In your case, the first step should probably be to ensure that all x-rite stuff is really removed from your system. Use an application that looks at truly all files like 'Find Any File' and search for 'xrite' and delete all stuff (just pay a bit of attention to not accidentally delete unrelated files, like a Word document of yours you had named 'Exriter' or similar).

I assume you meant System Preferences with ''displays' in settings the setings window stops responding'. If this persists after really removing all xrite stuff (and after a restart to be sure), then you have a problem beyond xrite, and you should tackle that first. There a number of general troubleshooting steps I listed not too long ago. The best order in which to try them depends a bit on what problem you have. If you want I can walk you through a couple of them.

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