Spots on Sensor(D600)

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Re: Spots on Sensor(D600)

I also had the same dust/oil spot issues with my D600. I sent it back to the factory and they replaced the shutter and also cleaned the sensor. I tested out the camera the day I got it back and it had a few spots even just back from the factory. I cleaned the sensor myself with a Giotto blower and take an average of 50-300 pictures a day. It has been 1 week since I cleaned the sensor and only change lenses maybe once a day. The picture below was taken after 3 cleanings using the built in sensor cleaner and also using the Giotto blower. I have been a photographer for 40 years so I do know what I am doing. As you can see the sensor is covered with dust/spots that just will not go away. Now I have to send it back again after only a month of use. I really hope they find the solution to this problem. There are a lot of disappointed and angry D600 owners that would love to resolve this issue. I would hate to have to switch manufacturers.

Lots of spots 1 month after being factory cleaned and having shutter replaced. Very disappointed.

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