Damn Nikon, I need that MACRO lens NOW!

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Re: Why not try a $5 close-up lens?

Pangloss wrote:

As marike6 wrote above, it's quite probable that Nikon will come out with a macro lens for the 1 system sooner or later. I just don't think it's their priority right now, and you seem to be in a hurry.

I among other people here in this thread, have suggested you use an add-on lens for macro work in the meantime, but your argument for not even trying a $5 add-on lens is that you want the macro lens to double as a portrait lens.

Read my first post, I was already thinking about getting an achromatic lens, even before you or others have mentioned the possibility.

I am, however, a fan of tools that can be used for multiple different purposes. That makes my bag smaller, lighter and easier to lug all day long.

And your argument for not using the excellent 32mm f/1.2 lens for portraits - available now, btw - is that it's too expensive.

When I tried to explain to you that you are asking for a lens optimized for two completely different purposes and with somewhat contradictory optical constraints, you mention the macro 105mm lens on FX as being an example of a macro lens that can also be used for portraits. That's a little bit far fetched, since the 1" sensor imposes completely different constraints on lens design compared to an FX sensor. You can't just "scale down" a lens like that.

And why not? Did you look at my portrait set on flickr? There are some images shot with the 18.5mm that display quite nice bokeh in my opinion.  A 35-40mm f2.4 with its longer focal length and closer distance to the subject (face-only instead of head plus shoulders) should display even smoother bokeh.

Every telephoto macro I have ever tried (regardless the format) is good for both macro and portraiture. Similar example to the 30-40mm f2.4 would be the 60mm Olympus macro for mFT. Sharp, good for macro, good for portraiture and still quite affordable.

It is possible to make a macro lens good for both macro and portraiture for the N1 system. It would probably be half or 2/3 the price of the 32mm f1.2.

Also finally that lens costs $900 at Adorama i.e. the same price as the 32mm f/1.2! http://www.adorama.com/NK10528AFVRU.html

It also covers a much larger image circle and is indisputably much harder to make. The 105mm for FX is priced fairly, the 32mm f1.2 although nice and fast is too costly. I may be wrong, but my gut feeling tells me that Nikon is either looking to earn more money with the 32mm, or that the lens is costly to make due to lower quantities. Either way, I find the price to be too much.

This is my personal assessment. Since I am no SunnyFlorida, you won't be seeing me insulting people ("uneducated consumer") for buying and using the 32mm. I find it quite nice myself, but the price is high.

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