X30 Feature Request

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Re: X30 Feature Request

The X ×0 fixed zoom lens series still is my best choice for her mix of IQ, lens, sensor, design, and experience as well as size.

If there is any chance of being read, I'd rather like FUJI to keep the path, and improve the specs even further if that would be possible within the same budget.

1. A 24-120 mm, f 1.8 ~ 2.4 fixed zoom lens with Macro (keep it as fast as possible),

2. An even bigger sensor (avoid the pixel race, I only care for IQ),

3. A full information hybrid? viewfinder with better coverage,

4. A wider shutter speed range,

5. A better resolution LCD,

6. A general overall smaller size, with exactly the same aesthetics and spirit.

7. Include a std UV filter and regular carrying case (avoid the mandatory optionals).

My two cents, Carlos


When could we expect a X30?

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