have you gotten a phone call from..

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have you gotten a phone call from..

Ammyy.com or support.me?

I just got a call from them. The guy had a thick Indian accent. Says I have files on my computer that are slowing it down and he wants to help me.

I knew immediately that this guy was a low life scum. Worse than a telemarketer. There was no way I was letting this guy go without having some entertainment.

First he says turn on the computer and asks me what operating system I am using. I told him Linux Mint. He said that wasn’t a real operating system. So we argued about that for a bit.

Finally he asks me if I have a windows computer I can turn on. I told him yes.

He asks you to press windows+r and type inf. This will bring up inf files and pnf files. He then tries to tell me that these are taking up hard drive space and slowing the computer down. What a freaking tool this guy is.

So I play along. He asks me to go to a website called ammyy.com. I told him it is blocked and that my security suite says the site has viruses. Of course I wasn’t going to click on anything this dirt bag had to say.

So then he says he can help me by going to a different site. Support.me. hmmmm good to know these scumbags have backup sites. So I tell him I am going to the site.

After a couple of seconds I say in a very concerned voice, “My screen is blinking.. what is going on? Is this a scam? What have you done to my computer? Now there is a hissing sound coming from it. What have you done? Should I turn it off?”

He is silent for a bit, and just says “sir”.

At this point I tell him I am smelling something like smoke coming from the computer. And tell him I better shut it down.

At this point he figures out that I am scamming him and he accuses me of wasting his time.

I told him to get a real job and hung up on him.

If you ever get a call from one of these guys, keep him on the line as long as possible. Tell him your computer just shut off again and that you are waiting for it to boot. Do what ever you can to see how long you can keep him on the phone.

My conversation lasted 25 min. see if you can top it.

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