I never sell camera equipment because...

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@baba - Depreciation is more severe for new camera, used camera hold value

Baba Ganoush wrote:

  • Buy Low = never buy brand new camera in its 1st year. Wait a year for 20-30% discount, or buy a 1 year old USED version around 40% discount

And just think how much money was saved by the person who bought your used equipment after you sold it! He saved even more money than you did, buying a camera that, for a time at least, you thought was an excellent piece of gear. "Buy low/sell high" is one way to save money on camera gear. "Buy even lower" is another. LOL.

You obviously don't have any experience in buying and selling used gear.

1. Depreciation is most severe on brand new camera

2. Depreciation is least severe (almost none) on an already used camera

3. Basically, price stabilized and will not go lower:

  • used GF1 = $110
  • used GF3 = $120
  • used GF2 = $180 (GF2 less popular, but hold value better than GF3)
  • used G2 = $200*
  • used G3 = $200* (g3 is selling at same price as a used g2)
  • used e-PL1 = $120
  • used e-PL2 = $200 (stunning difference in used prices)
  • used Canon T2i = $350
  • used Canon T1i = $250
  • used Cannon XSi = $200
  • used Canon XTi = $200
  • used Canon XT = $150
  • there is no rule in Used prices.  Price is determine by what people are willing to pay

For example:

  • + $600 Panasonic GF2 + 14-42 kit was the introductory price
  • - 240.42 the price I paid for his used GF2 + 14-42 kit
  • = (-) 359.58 lost value / $600 original = 60% Depreciation for new GF2
  • I sold my GF2 + 14-42 for $300 with a profit of $59.52
  • $59.52/$300 = 20% Profit Appreciation for selling my used GF2

So no, the person who bought it after me didn't save more money.  There is more profit in selling used Cars and used Camera than in new gears.

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