Damn Nikon, I need that MACRO lens NOW!

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Re: Why not try a $5 close-up lens?

Pangloss wrote:

IVN wrote:

Well on reason I would like Nikon to release a say 40mm f2.4 macro is so I can cover macro and portraits with one fast lens, without losing AF capability. AF and the overall speed of the V1 is what made me fall in love with the system in the first place. Using a MF lens would negate that, and using (which I will be doing sooner or later) close-up lenses or achromatic lenses wouldn't help me make the portraits I would also like to make. I've got head and shoulder portraits covered with the the 18.5mm, but sometimes I would like to get even closer without distorting facial features. That's where the longer macro lens would come in.

So actually you want an inexpensive 40mm f/2.4 macro lens to shoot mainly portraits and sometimes macros.

No. More like 50:50.

Do you realize that it's difficult if not impossible to optimize a lens for both these types of photography? For macro work you would be using a small aperture like f/5.6 or even f/8.0 with adequate light. For portraits you want a very large aperture (f/1.8~f/1.2), f/2.4 is just too slow with a 1" sensor, your portrait shots would lack proper subject separation.

And, Nikon already has a close-up add-on lens for the Nikon 1 system (the N1-CL1) in case you don't want to try the $5 "made in China" close-up lens which I have tested, and they have a superb portrait lens, the 32mm f/1.2.

Sorry, but you are wrong. The 105mm Macro for FX is a perfect example of a lens that can be used for both macro and portraiture. And why would I buy a costly portrait-only lens, plus a close-up lens, when one of the main advantages of the Nikon 1 system is its size and portability? In my mind, that makes little sense. I prefer one lens to cover both of these needs. And f2.4 or 2.8 should be sufficient. One can achieve good bokeh with the slightly faster (not even one full stop) 18.5mm, it should be no problem with the much longer 35-40mm macro.

So they have already solved your lens needs.

No system is complete without a native macro lens. And no, adapted F mount lenses are not native to the N1 system. They are a compromise. Only central AF point and the need for an adapter, which in addition to the much larger lenses (designed for much larger image circles) is far from ideal. I bet that a native macro lens would not only be 2-3 times smaller (vs. FT1 + DX/FX micro Nikkors), but also faster in regards to AF and blow the DX/FX micro Nikkors regarding IQ out of the water.

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