Does Dual Pixel CMOS mean there will be a Canon 3D?

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Re: Does Dual Pixel CMOS mean there will be a Canon 3D?

You could sort of generate a 3D image from it.  What you get is color data + depth, which is quite useful for doing all sorts of neato maths, but if you attempt reprojection you will get holes.  With true stereo imaging your angle of view is different between the 2 "eyes" and so you can see around objects in places.  You could use context aware fill of some sort to fill in the missing bits, but of course you'd expect errors occasionally.

CryTech did a talk on this during a stereoscopic rendering day at GDC.  (I did a talk on stereo rendering that day as well).

In this PDF you can see their reprojection stuff working.  It's neat, but errors will and do occur.  It's not quite "right", but still kind of cool.

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