I'd like to compare GF6 and epl5 in my hands

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jalywol Veteran Member • Posts: 9,295
Re: You Could Go To A Camera Store

Edmund Dorf wrote:

. . . where you could handle both cameras.

Unfortunately, for a large part of the US, there simply are no camera stores which stock these things.

The nearest one to me, for instance, would be about 100 miles away, and I do not live in the middle of nowhere...it's just that there is exactly one real camera store left in the area and it stocks neither Olympus nor Panasonic cameras.

Used to be you could at least see the Olympus stuff at Best Buy or Ritz, but now Ritz is gone, and Best Buy is carrying no M43 products at all.

So, really, the only way to get your hands on things is to order and then return, if you want to compare.


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