Has Canon solved the PDAF problem?

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Re: Has Canon solved the PDAF problem?

Keit ll wrote:

It's my understanding that the Canon 70D is mirrorless in a DSLR styled body ? It reads directly off the sensor & has an EVF.

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Keith C

No this Canon is a normal DSLR with a normal mirror and a normal PDAF sensor and a normal OVF, the new PDAF chip only works in LV and video. ZI think Canon i not yet ready to use this technology in a DSLR styled mirrorless. We have to wait and see if this technology is good in fast focussing, low light or withaall lenses.

We also have to lok what happens to the IQ with over 49 mega pixels on one APS chip. Remember that every pixel is split in 2 for pdaf.

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