Has Canon solved the PDAF problem?

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No, Canon's way is fundamentally different from Fuji's

Fuji half-masks a limited number of cells in the central part of the sensor. Those cells lose half the light to that mask.

Canon splits 80% of the pixels by giving them 2 photo diodes, facing L an R to make phase detection possible.

How well it works will become clear when tests become available. But is certainly a new approach.

So read this part of the preview: http://www.dpreview.com/previews/canon-eos-70d/3

blue_skies wrote:

Read this articicle first: http://www.dpreview.com/news/2010/8/5/fujifilmpd

It basically is the same sensor cell architecture that was already present in the X100, but the FW was not up to speed to leverage it.

Now in the X100S they have 'better' PDAF based focusing - but users still complain a lot.

The Canon system appears to be an identical copy of Fujifilm's solution.

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