Sunny 16 rule ... not optimal at 16?

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Re: Sunny 16 rule ... not optimal at 16?

saintz wrote:

wcdennis wrote:

The sunny 16 rule is a hold-over from the film days. It was a rough fall-back if your meter died. Using sunny 16 with a digital camera is like lighting your gas grille with a flint rock. Your built-in meter is as good or better than any hand-held and the histogram will reveal any errors it makes.

This is so true. No one should be using these rules on digital (nor an external sensor). On mirrorless digital, the camera sensor is seeing exactly what's going on, and showing it to you live, and with a histogram. Use the tools you already have, they are the best for the job. Guess work is not needed when you have the answer right in front of you.

There's a worthwhile difference between just using a complicated tool and understanding what it's doing - and why.  The relationship between shutter speed/aperture/ISO is important for any serious photographer to understand.

SLQGuy mentioned in another post here what happens when your camera's meter is tricked (photographing snow is probably the most common.)

You can just fire away in the routine conditions, but when the scene is challenging you have an advantage if you understand exposure.

I encourage the OP to continue increasing his knowledge.

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