major reasons for making panny better in video than oly

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Re: major reasons for making panny better in video than oly

j9300 wrote:

I was told that panny GF6 will be better than oly epl5 in video although they have same fps.

what makes the better quality in panny video compared to oly?

I experienced epl5 lose the focus frequently when shooting video. this does not happen in panny GF6??

Oh, a bunch of reasons:

- all m43 cameras have "rolling shutter" sensors, meaning they reads the image in lines, one after the other, top to bottom, so different parts of the image are captured at slightly different times. If the camera shakes during the capture, you get all sorts of horrible distortion, aka the Jello effect. The only way to stop this happening is to have physical Image Stabilisation, either optical in lens, or sensor shift in body. Only the EM5 and the EP5 can currently do sensor shift IS during video recording, all other Olympus m43 cameras do an attempt at "digital" IS which was just never going to work. All Oly m43 cameras since the EPL5 can activate the OIS in any Panny lens, which is the best option for video on the cheaper PENs.

- Panny cameras, with Panny lenses, correct for Chromatic Aberration in camera. This improves the perceived sharpness of the image. If there is software to do frame by frame CA correction in post production, its likely to be damn expensive.

- To get smooth looking video, you need to lock the shutter speed to half the frame rate, in other words for 30fps video the shutter speed should be as close to 1/60s as possible. This means that if there is changes in illumination, the camera should change the ISO and the aperture to get the right exposure in preference to changing the shutter speed. Olympus cameras lock the ISO at the start of the video, which means they have got less options for maintaining correct exposure without changing the shutter speed (for really good results on any camera you need to use a ND filter).

- Yes, their H.264 codec is probably far better than the Olympus one, I wouldn't be surprised if the Venus Engine image processor in the Lumix Gs is doing a large chunk of the work to compress the video, whereas the Olympus codec is mainly software.

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