Sunny 16 rule ... not optimal at 16?

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Re: Sunny 16 rule ... not optimal at 16?

The reason why the sunny 16 rule fails is its narrow interpretation: any exposure that is equivalent to 1/ISO sec and f.16 aperture in bright sunlight, will give the same exposure as the rule demands.

But f/16 is useful for tele lenses maybe, but then 1/100 sec is too long to stop camera shake blurr, so for tele shots it would be better to use higher ISo, say 200, f/11 and 1/400 sec for an equivalent exposure to the slavish f/16 at 1/100 sec rule at ISO 100.

And for a wide ankle lens there is no sense to go to f/16; f/5.6 or f/8 will give wide DOF, so at ISO 100, the exposure time in full sun should better be 'equivalent' to the simplest sunny rule at around 1/400 sec in case of using f/8.

A simple understanding of equivalent exposures is definitely needed here: one f stop smaller (less light, larger denominator) needs to be balanced by doubling the exposure time (longer exposure) and vice versa, of course.

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