Recommend me an affordable light meter.

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Re: Recommend me an affordable light meter.

Bringing the conversation back to the OP:

Sekonic is a little pricey for their 308s so are there other alternatives of similar quality??

There are. My earlier post mentions several.

What are the pros and cons between a digital and analogue light meter?

Ease of use. Like roll-down vs power windows. IMO digital readouts are easier to read. Most digital meters can be set to show 1/3 or 1/10th f-stops

Also does a person really need a light meter these days now that we have Digital technology?

IMO, Yes. You can use the camera's histogram to read exposure, if you know how, but I think learning to use a meter is easier than learning to use histograms to correct exposure. A meter will let you balance areas receiving different amounts of light. If you use flash indoors a good flash meter makes studio setup much simpler.You can also use your meter to set main vs fill ratios for portraiture

If you use flash and available light a good meter lets you set ratios so one doe snot overwhelm the other.

There is no such thing as an accurate meter BTW. What you want is a reliable meter. A meter should give the same reading in the same setting over and over and if the light falls by half a good meter should show a change of one f/stop. Placing three meters side-by-side will not necessarily show the exact same reading but each meter should be able to show the same results time after time.

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