EOS 70 D new Canon supposedly on way

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Re: last to market?

"Pick what features to beat in the D7100?" Do you really think manufacturers can just make last minute changes to their designs based on what the other manufacturer does? Surely they know better than the rumor sites what the other manufacturers are up to, but the 70D was finished spec wise long before the D7100 was announced. The only thing they might be able to do several months out from release was uncripple some deliberately crippled firmware based feature. Canon has been shown to cripple some of their lower end bodies with the firmware to keep their lines segregated as has been proven in the past by firmware hacks, but I doubt the D7100 changed a single planned spec in the 70D.

SmM wrote:

That's the benefit of being last to market. You can pretty much pick what features of the first-to-market you want to beat. I love the articulating screen but it's still no 7D.

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