Has Canon solved the PDAF problem?

Started Jul 2, 2013 | Discussions thread
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Anyone here know How Sony Hybrid Sensor in NEX-6 is different?

bill hansen wrote:

I notice the new Canon 70D claims to have on-sensor phase detection focusing ability, which (OSPDAF) has been the topic of several discussions in the NEX forum. Do any of the technologically advanced people here know if Canon's pixel-splitting approach is likely to resolve the PDAF "problem"?

I would say "yes" based on reading DPR's indepth explanation that canon's hybrid system cover the entire sensor rather than a tiny amount located near the center.

What I'm more interested to hear is how is Sony or Nikon hybrid sensor different.  For example, Nikon V1 is very fast while NEX-6 not as fast as Nikon.  What are the explanation for the speed differences?

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