is something wrong with my camera?

Started Jul 2, 2013 | Discussions thread
uhligfd Senior Member • Posts: 2,898
Re: is something wrong with my camera?

You mean the vertical lines , hanging down like curtains, am I correct?

When a picture gets completely blown in capture or through pp as yours is, then all hell will break loose and what breaks up the worst is up to anyone's guess.

In real life and photography, you will never get anything that bad or you would delete the mishap.

Really who cares how the picture blows up, self-destroys when you deliberately destroy it with going over the sensor parameter edge big time.

Have fun with hurting your pics, though, if you like them afterwards. - 0.3 EV in exposure and + 2 EV in Lightroom will do wonders for this curtain effect on your model, or so it appears. Play with it then!

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