Has Canon solved the PDAF problem?

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Re: Has Canon solved the PDAF problem?

It's funny how Canon almost beat Sony in their own game. Sony was hoping to do revolutionary cameras getting rid of translucent mirror tech and going "DSLR" A-mount mirrorless in yearly 2014 and yet it is Canon that already produced a fully functional  DSLR camera 70D with OSPDAF which soon will hit the shelves. Canon did it in mid-2013 - at least half a year before Sony will come up with something.

Suddenly Sony has one more huge problem to deal with. It's a shame really. Maybe we have better situation with NEX? YEs, but with still missing announcement of long due replacement of NEX7 and no fast zoom - the same story and only rumors. It looks like Sony can give a good deal of rumors, but can't produce good staff in time. Oh, I'm sorry, was Sony planning to do it in yearly 2014? I'm sure there is plenty of time till 2014 and of course other camera manufacturers will just sit there and do nothing.

Sony - please put your s*it together and start making a good cameras now, not in 2014. Timing is critical.

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