Nikon Mid Range Zoom for Landscapes on a D800

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Re: Nikon Mid Range Zoom for Landscapes on a D800

As always it’s not that simple. There can be more to 'landscape shooting' – in kind, style and combination of uses, approaches etc. And so, more to making a full use (or not) of the 24-70/2.8 versatility. As a small example, the landscape and Nature photography go often along each other, as do some other types, and depend on razor sharp f4 at 70mm, 2.8/70mm or f2.8 sharper than Nikon modern 50mm prime in the broad centre. Or on other properties like the unusual level of side-to-side sharpness at f4 - 5.6 for fall-off focus (narrower DOF) scenes that one can appreciate and even 14-24 can’t do at these apertures at the borders.

While I obviously agree that an excellent 24-70/4 VR would be another option to ever varying needs and choices we need, make and can have.

- mentioning the VR, I saw this new useful standardization of image stabilization measuring/rating method

An image at 50mm f2.8 (48mm) -choosing the 24-70 in preference to 50g @2.8 we had at hand (it’s got other uses). So you got this lens in this zoom, too, and I bet most would prefer the 24-70’s colour and contrast while some could notice the prime does very nicely at f11 across the frame.


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