Recently Received the D5200 - keep it or get D7100?

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Re: Recently Received the D5200 - keep it or get D7100?

scottamy404 wrote:

Thanks everybody for your input. With each response I flip flopped my decision and got some laughs with the comments about my wife buying me the camera and the danger of returning her gift. I think one reason she bought it for me is because she knows I'll spend months on dpreview debating which camera to get.

I like the solid feel of my D70, and it's heft, but at the same time the 5200 is lighter and smaller which could be nice. The grip is a bit smaller than I'm used to on the D70.

Initially, I think the 5200 will be an adjustment for me, but I'd get used to it. As I said before my main concern with it is that it sounds like you have to turn on the rear screen, select what you what to change (shutter speed/aperture etc) and then go to another menu to make the actual change. On the plus side I do like the concept of the articulated LCD rear screen.

I think I am now leaning towards keeping the 5200 and upgrading my D70 kit lens to the Nikkor 18-200 VR II lens.

Thanks again!

You don't have to go into the menu that much. You can read the manual and find out how to change/operate everything. I'm able to make needed adjustments very easily and the autofocus point can moved also by using the right/left or up/down arrow function, which is great also. Once figure out where everything is, you won't have any problems making adjustments. I'm happy with my D5200..!!

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