How satisfied are you with your E-M5?

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Re: I can show you the phenomenon...

Michael T wrote:

Loga wrote:

You really don't see? On the second image, it is obvious IMHO. But even if it is noise or any other issues, I think something degrades the image quality. And I also would not say that the first one is awkwardly exposed. Moreover, I think the first one is well exposed considering the opportunities (need flash light, no bounce opportunity).

My images often has cartoon or comic-book like look. Maybe it is my fault, I do something wrong. But before m43 I had a humble Canon 300D, and as far as I remember, it had more life-like images at base ISO.

I will check it, I will borrow my friend's 5D mkII and will shot the same scenes with same (or similar at least) exposure settings. We will see.

Both photos are not well in focus. Looked at the 2nd photo, 100% view, I think because the photo is not well in focus when taken. In order to improve it, you probably applied too much sharpening in LR. Do you remember what value you use for sharpening and noise reduction?


Both photos are well in focus. But both lens (14 and 25) were wide open. I think this is the performance they can provide at this subject distance.

Both photos were developed with default LR settings in order not to influence the picture quality too much. So no extra sharpening or any NR applied.

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