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wazu wrote:

At 24x36 print size you will discover clean megapixels are your friend. I own the amazing FF Sony RX-1 and am so thrilled with the IQ and sharpness even at f2 that I have no problems printing these even with a slight crop on A1 paper (approx 24x36) using my Canon IFP6300. You need to be very meticulous about pulling details from overblown skies and dark backgrounds since edges will appear and look unatural.

Be sure to crop out an 8x10" portion of your intended 24x36" prints to check for artifacts and color matching. I use a Canon Pro-1 for this since it feeds smaller papers easily and is matched to the large format printer.

In any case if you are good at cropping in camera and careful about achieving exposure in camera 20-24mp will easily work for 24x36. If you are ok with a DSLR the get a D800 and enjoy an ability to even crop more.

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thanks wazu...right now I'm going to play with sharpening and grain size to see what I can get with my D700 at large might work with my blurred, high contrast images...maybe not...but down the road a bit I do see a body with more megapixels in my future...

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