G1X in good then bad weather

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Re: G1X in good then bad weather

Darren N wrote:

gear1box wrote:

It is actually a valid question about this camera: most of us are used to dSLRs having a fair bit of weather resistance engineered in to lenses and bodies. And, Lord knows, some of the most interesting and dramatic shots are available under difficult conditions.

Sadly, though, the G1x -- while it may be more durable than a digicam (i HOPE so!) -- has never had that treatment from Canon. I really do not know how much it can take of environmental exposure.

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i never expose the camera to rain or damp, I'm usually under a brolly or plastic bag if its raining.

I don't think the G1X would last long in rain.

a slightly oversize umbrella with curved handle works wonders in the rain...i've used my fujifilm f30 this way, and my canon a630/a640 this way too...no problem...unless of course it's a big storm, hard rain and wind, then you're on your own...

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