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Re: I'm debating: Micro Four Thirds or Nikon 1 system? - I actually like noise

pcake wrote:

David Banner - are you planning to shoot in indoor/lower light? if so, the little nikon doesn't do as well as a micro 4/3. btw, i've had the panasonic G3 (same sensor, i believe, as the GX1) and loved it. i now have the E-PM2 with the VF2, and find it a great camera for well-lit stuff, but the EVF isn't all that accurate in lower variable light, although the pics are very nice - i find myself chimping when there are too many lower light changes to adjust the screen over and over and over.

As a few have said, i think it's important to keep in mind the criteria of the OP (me in this thread) because everyone has different priorities.

I want a small MFT or Nikon 1 camera for vacations, going out all day, long walks in the park, etc.    basically a super compact.  And maybe the RX100 would be a decent choice but it's expensive and I like the idea of switching lenses.

To answer your question.. while on vacation I'm sure I'd be shooting in indoor and/or low light.  For events around my home I just take my 85 1.4.  I used it for a dance recital which was pretty dark and it worked well but I had to use high ISO.  BTW this is a personal preference and is why I said earlier that it's important to keep the OP personal preferences in mind.

I'm probably going to be different than the average photographer here but I actually don't mind high-ISO noise at all.  So I have no problem using ISO 3200 on my D300.  I use it a lot actually.  I find the noise gives the photo some texture.  Even better if the photo is b&w, the noise looks like film grain.

On the other hand if these smaller sensors have a 1 or 2 stop disadvantage, then maybe they have more noise and maybe it's less agreeable?  One thing I do hate is noise reduction.  I usually use RAW to avoid this.

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