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Re: I'm debating: Micro Four Thirds or Nikon 1 system?

Aspenz wrote:

Lol relax guys, there's nothing to counter, use whatever pleases you, that's what I believe.

I'm not saying the image quality of the V1/J1 is on par with the latest few m4/3s i.e EMP2, EPL5, OMD5 etcetc... it's not, and the lowlight capabilities and DR have improved greatly for those recent cameras. What I AM saying however is that it has been shown the older ones like EP3, EPL3, GX1, GF3 are behind of the V1/J1 in terms of dynamic range and around the same in terms of noise. You'd be surprised how well our 'smaller' sensor handles noise. And sometimes sensor sizes are not instantly their differences due to physics. The samsung NX cameras have a much poorer noise performance compared to the nex, and they both have the same sensor size. The GX1 was what the OP mentioned as the alternate so naturally that's the comparison to be drawn.

You sir, are wrong. All the things you said about nikon 1 cameras benefiting from raw processing applies to any other format. The problem is nikon 1 will always lag at least 1 stop behind m43 and 2 stop behind APS in dynamic and tonal range because nikon are not even using the best 1" sensor available, ie the Sony one from the RX100 series.

And DXOmarks of lenses are greatly affected by larger resolving power. At 10mp obviously the 1 system lenses are gonna seem poor. In fact the scores more or less go higher according to the sensor+mp count of the cameras with those lenses. But let me assure you the lenses offer great performances that max out what the 1 cameras handle.

For stuff like lens sizes and weights, it's subjective. You think your m4/3 lenses are just the right size and weight, I think mine are, the nex people probably think theirs is worth carrying over DSLRs...

In the end nikon 1 cameras are too close to premium compact camera image quality and too much behind larger sensored siblings.

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