New info for the E-7...can you say mirrorless ?

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That would be a first

Oly's history of talking about future products...

  • E1 - new concept, nothing like the preceeding Exx fixed lens cameras. Very little pre-release info before it was officially announced.
  • E300 - radical redesign of the body, lower price point. Almost no information before it was officially announced, nothing to hint at the Pen-like body shape.
  • E330 - radical new concept, live view. Absolutely no information before it was officially announced.
  • E3 - complete redesign of the E1 concept. Very little said about this greatly delayed product before it was officially announced.
  • And recently - OMD. Radical redesign of the micro concept, use of a Sony sensor, 5 axis IBIS. Very little said before it was officially announced, and nothing that would hint at what it actually turned out to be. 

What Olympus has officially said within the past couple of years, as regards the 4/3 system... this from official statements and interviews with high ranking officers, not offhand remarks by local sales reps:

HG and SHG glass will be fully supported with future bodies. This has been said numerous times. What they have not said, one way or another, is what form that support would take.

The E5 replacement may be smaller, or so they hinted at in an interview last fall, with some chitchat about the advantages of a smaller than E5 body. Smaller sells, or at least it does for Olympus.

They are working with the latest Sony sensor that implements PDAF. In the same interview, they talked about the tradeoff between getting greater precision out of sensor PDAF, and losing pixels to the AF system.

What Olympus has done:

On M43 bodies, ZD autofocus has steadily improved. From the first Pens where it was a joke, to the OMD where it's slow but consistent, to the EP5 where it's quicker and consistent. They are clearly working on getting ZD glass to AF with the M43 focus system.

The recently released EP5 has a larger EVF that just happens to be about the size of the E5's OVF.

Conclusion: the rumored E7 and the rumored OMD-Pro, due out this fall, are probably the same camera. Not everyone's concept of the ideal, but it's better than discontinuing the 4/3 line altogether.

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