New info for the E-7...can you say mirrorless ?

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Re: New info for the E-7...can you say mirrorless ?

goblin wrote:

batom108 wrote:

Oly have no clue themselves. If they had, they would have told us their exact plans. ...

Care to share any history of them doing this ?

For that matter, the history of any camera manufacturer sharing exact plans of upcoming models before the official press release? Sure, there are "leaks" or announcements of patents, but I have yet to see Canon, Nikon, Sony, Pentax or any other maker give too much detail about a new camera, especially if it's going to introduce any truly new features or technology.

PS-People who have no clue about what goes into designing cameras are wont to say the manufacturers have no clue, because they don't understand camera development has at least a 2 year development cycle. Which means the "E7" started design at least around the time the E5 was released.

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