Canon EOS 6D or Nikon D600 - which is best in (my) real world

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Re: Canon EOS 6D or Nikon D600 - which is best in (my) real world

After digging around with a bit of internet research I'd say you're probably right. I got my information from DXO, which claims that the D600 has better low light, but if this analysis is remotely correct, the 6D definitely has better low light performance:

Here is where I got the DXO Mark data:|0/%28brand%29/Canon/%28appareil2%29/834|0/%28brand2%29/Nikon

Anyone want to chime in on this? It looks like the 6D is second only to the 1DX to me from some of the reviews I just read. Not sure how DXO Mark arrived at this conclusion.  Maybe the 6D is just applying more NR?  Hard to argue with the photos in the website above, though.  I stand corrected (for now).

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