Canon EOS 6D or Nikon D600 - which is best in (my) real world

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Re: Canon EOS 6D or Nikon D600 - which is best in (my) real world

Any camera these days is very good, as was pointed out. Your photography will benefit from any full-frame camera. The image quality of all the new full-frame cameras is fantastic.

Okay, that's out of the way. Now to actually answer the query. The D600 has a better sensor than the 6D and 5D Mark III. It has a faster shooting speed than the 6D (4.5 fps), and it is almost the same as the 5D Mark III (5.5 fps vs 6). It has more resolution (24 mp) than either the 5D Mark III (22 mp) or the 6D (20 mp). It has more dynamic range (14 stops) than either the 5D Mark III (11 stops) or the 6D (12 stops). The D600 has more autofocus points (39) than the 6D (11 points), although here is the one spec where the 5D Mark III actually beats the D600 (61 points). The D600 has better color depth than either the 5D Mark III or the 6D (25.1 bits vs 24 bits for 5D Mark III and 23.8 bits for the 6D). It has a 100% viewfinder which is actually something important for real shooting (accurate composing is arguably more important than a lot of the other factors discussed here), especially considering that the 6D has less leeway in cropping since it is lower in resolution than the D600. The high ISO of the D600 is better than either the 5D Mark III or the 6D.

Okay, so the D600 is better in almost every respect than the 6D, and is better in most respects than the 5D Mark III. Oh, but it's the _same_ price as the 6D.

It's a no-brainer unless you are in complete fanboy denial. Or need GPS for some reason. The only real reason to buy the Canons this generation instead of the Nikons is that you don't want to sell all your Canon lenses. I didn't. I love my lenses. But if you don't have any lenses, get the D600.

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