A first play with the E-PM2. Some thoughts

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Re: A first play with the E-PM2. Some thoughts

tinternaut wrote:

I finally bought the E-PM2 I've been dithering about, over the weekend, and yesterday got out of the house with it for a few hours. I'm not going to frame this as a review since it's early days. Just some thoughts (and bear with me - there are some actual photos below):


Total pain in the ar£e. They've taken an overly complicated menu system and changed it. I spent half an hour trying to get the SCP working when it was, in point of fact, in front of me (down the side). And don't ask me how I got sequential shooting working.

It's not down the side....it should be in the center of the screen.  The side controls are when you don't have the SCP activated....

Here is how you do it:

Go into SETUP

Click down to WRENCH, click OK

Click down to Menu Display, click OK

Turn both Menu Displays ON

Back out to main setup screen, go to GEARS symbol,

Click gears, scroll down to "D" and click it.

Scroll down to Control Settings

Click, and submenu comes up with four categories.  Click EACH ONE in turn.

This brings up a page with three settings, the last being Live SCP.  Turn that on for EACH category, then click OK.

When done, back out, and it should work when you click the OK button whenever you are in normal shooting mode.

Hope this helps...


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